Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Love and Truth ~ Eternal Partners

Welcome to Love & Truth~Eternal Partners web site. This is a place to learn about love and discover the truth. If you are having thoughts of hurting yourself or another person please call 911 now or go to your closest emergency room. If you implement any of the suggested interventions in various articles it is mandatory that you have at least one person who knows what you are doing and you can call upon for support. This support could be provided by an intimate friend, a spouse, a pastor, or a counselor. The love and truth I am writing about can only be experienced in the context of relationship.

Love and truth have an eternal relationship that I hope you will discover by spending time here. I am not revealing the nature of this relationship but prefer that you discover it as you review the materials that are provided. You might start with the article “The Keys are the Key”. Look for the “keys” in each article you review and how they are applied.

This is a new web site (April 2013) so I will be adding materials weekly for several months. Enjoy!
Terry Trudel, M.D.